What are the benefits of green coffee bean extract to me?

Green coffee bean extract is a comparatively new ingredient that is used in weight loss products and it is produced from the arabica plant more specifically from it green beans.  In recent times the weight loss properties of the beans have been getting more and more attention.  This is because apart from its weight loss properties the coffee bean extract has other health benefits.

How It Works

Green coffee beans contain chlorogenic acids and other polyphenols which have anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant just like green tea and grape seed extract.  This assists the body in neutralizing dangerous free radicals.  In addition studies have revealed that the chlorogenic acid content of the green coffee bean assists in lowering blood pressure through its anti-hypertensive effect on human beings and on rats as well.

In sharp contrast to regular coffee drinks this extract from the green coffee bean is not a stimulant as it is low in caffeine.   Additionally chlorogenic acids are wiped out  during the process of roasting coffee beans and as a result their benefits are unavailable in regular caffeine beverages.

The weight loss performance of the green bean is supported in two ways by the chlorogenic acids.  Firstly they assist in balancing blood sugar by controlling the discharge of glucose in the body.  Secondly the chlorogenic acids hike the metabolic production of the liver and this increases the fat burning capacity. This dual mechanism functions to encourage lean body mass by hindering weight gain through the prevention of fat absorption.

A 2006 study examined the suppression of fat accumulation and the gaining of weight in mice that were fed the coffee bean extract.  It was noted by researchers that the rodents had decreased body weight and visceral fat content.  The conclusion was made that the coffee bean extract might be effective against fat accumulation and weight gain by setting fat metabolism in motion in the liver and preventing fat absorption .

A meta-analysis of five studies were published in 2011 in which the green bean extract was examined as a supplement for weight loss.  Even though it was noted that additional research was needed the conclusion was made that aggregate data revealed that a significant distinction in the body weight of  the participants of the studies who used GCE in comparison with the placebo and that indicated that GCE has the capacity to promote weight loss.

That determination was backed up by a study carried out in early 201 which followed 16 adults who used green coffee bean for a 1-week period without making any changes to their diets.  The findings were significantly incredible.  During this period participants lost a mean of 10½  percent of their overall body weight as well as 16 percent of body fat overall; there was no report of any negative side effects.

As it relates to losing weight exercise and proper diet are vital to success.  However studies shows that including a supplement such as green coffee bean extract could increase the potential for weight loss.

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