Lose Weight With Green Coffee Extract

With obesity and all its associated health problems – hypertension diabetes heart disease certain types of cancers – on the rise everyone is looking for the answers.

While nothing can take the place of a clean healthy diet and regular exercise certain supplements can help make the process of shedding the pounds a little easier. By combining clean moderated eating and workouts with the proper supplements many people are able to drop more pounds than they would with just diet and exercise alone.

Caffeine has been a popular weight loss supplement ingredient for decades. In high doses it controls appetite and increases energy and endurance allowing for better workouts.

One of those great supplements is green coffee bean extract. Taken from the unroasted coffee bean the extract is a powerful antioxidant and helps control blood sugar. Antioxidants protect cells from free radical damage which can cause cancers and auto-immune illnesses. Controlling blood sugar spikes is important for keeping food cravings at bay. What if you dont like coffee? Well youre in luck! The green bean extract doesnt have any coffee flavor whatsoever. (more…)

Who Needs To Use Green Coffee Extract?

The need to live a clean and healthy lifestyle

It is very important that all people around the world endeavor to lead healthy lifestyles in order to be healthy and avoid diseases illnesses and chronic conditions. A healthy lifestyle will require a person to eat a healthy diet drinks lots of water exercise on a regular basis stress management techniques and the use of health and dietary supplements. Health and dietary supplements are absolutely essential in the management of quality health as they help nourish the body and provide it with nutrition it would otherwise not receive.

An important dietary supplement

One of the most important and best known dietary supplements is the pure green coffee extract. This is an extract that is derived from the green coffee bean. The regular coffee bean is actually green in color. It only turns brown after roasting. In order to derive the extract from this coffee bean the beans should not be roasted but instead they should be soaked in water. It is through soaking the beans in water that the extract is derived. (more…)

What are the benefits of green coffee bean extract to me?

Green coffee bean extract is a comparatively new ingredient that is used in weight loss products and it is produced from the arabica plant more specifically from it green beans.  In recent times the weight loss properties of the beans have been getting more and more attention.  This is because apart from its weight loss properties the coffee bean extract has other health benefits.

How It Works

Green coffee beans contain chlorogenic acids and other polyphenols which have anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant just like green tea and grape seed extract.  This assists the body in neutralizing dangerous free radicals.  In addition studies have revealed that the chlorogenic acid content of the green coffee bean assists in lowering blood pressure through its anti-hypertensive effect on human beings and on rats as well. (more…)